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Kadayam is a village in the district of Tirunelveli in the state of Tamil Nadu in India.It is known for its association with the Tamil revolutionary poet Subramania Bharati.

About Kadayam:

The name “Kadayam” is a variant of the term “Kedayam”. “Kedayam” is a form of a war shield. It is a legend among the inhabitants of Kadayam that, hundreds of years of ago, a Goddess called Nithya Kalyani, the reincarnation of Goddess Parvathi showed her ‘rudhra swaroopa’ (personification of rage) at the villagers for pursuing material values at the cost of performing their religious and dharmic duties. ‘The Goddess’ anger manifested itself in the form of successive deaths of the priests who were to perform the Daily Puja for Her. After the deaths of seven priests on seven successive days, the villagers begged the Goddess for forgiveness. When her anger subsided, she threw her “kedayam” and it fell at a place 4 miles away from the her Nithya Kalyani temple. The villagers migrated to this spot where the “Kedayam” fell. Eventually, the new location came to be known as the village of Kadayam. Another legend say that the people were originally living around the kalyani amman temple and the goddess could not tolerate the noise created by the inhabitants surrounding her. She pulled out a kadagam (Bracelet in ancient Tamil) threw it to a distance and asked the inhabitants to go and reside round the spot where the bracelet fell. Thus this place was known as Kadagam, which later came to be known as Kadayam.

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