Connect & Share with your device Wirelessly.

You may find difficult to share files between your devices on Wi-Fi network. Now you can easily share files between your PC or Android devices which are connected to same Wi-Fi network by using this application.
Sometimes you need to share text or links to your android device. But you don’t have any option to send other than mailing it. Now you can able to send your text or clipboard data to your android device easily. Also it will applicable for PC to PC also.
By using this application, you can share files between your PCs. Yeah ConnectAir PC application is a Cross Platform support.

If you want to suggest new feature or to report bugs,you can use Help Desk on

You can able to share between
PC -> PC
Mobile -> Mobile
PC -> Mobile
Mobile -> PC


ConnectAir PC Application requires Java 1.7.x JRE.
I recommend latest version of java.


Cross platform application for PC. (You can get it from here:
VLC Remote Support for Mobile and Watch(Android Wear).
Sharing files between PCs and Android Mobiles
Easy Share ( WiFi Direct )
Access your mobile files completely from PC and vice versa.
SMS Notification on your PC.
View SMS from PC.
Reply to your new SMS Notification from PC.
View your mobile phonebook from PC.
And more.

PRO Version:

Get SMS Notification on more than one device.
Turn on or off the request Notification.
Able to send folders from file manager.

You can able to do following things:

From PC to PC:
File Manager
Sharing files.
Clipboard sharing.

From PC to Mobile and vice versa:
File Manager
Read SMS.
View Phonebook.
Clipboard sharing.


Internet Permission to display Ads on free version.
SMS Permission to read and send SMS.
Contact Permission to read your details.
External Storage Permission to read and write files.
Wi-Fi Permission to create Hotspot


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