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Anna University GPA & CGPA Calculator for Regulation 2013

For Regulation 2008:

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Anna University is following credit system for the college examinations and also it is difficult to calculate the GPA and CGPA because we should know the credit for each subject and semester. So I made this application to solve the above problem.

Now you can calculate the GPA and CGPA very easily by using this Android application. So you don’t have to remember the credit for each subject and semester and also this android application has unique features like Saving the result to file, Saving the result to database, By default ten important departments are included in the application,Easy to print the GPA and CPGA result through saved HTML files etc…Now you can mail your result directly from your mobile.

If your department was not included,you would choose Department as Other.

Departments included:
Information Technology
Computer Science


Mailing (New Feature)
Import / Export your result (New Feature)

Save as HTML files in the Memory card.
Save it in your mobile.
Print it through HTML file.
Correct CGPA calculation using Anna University official formula.
Easy to use.
Optimized for all mobile screens.
Ad-Free PRO Version

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Google Ad is included,so it requires Internet Permission.
Storage Permission to save the file in sdcard.

See your old result here and save it in your mobile using this application.