How to browse PC files from your android mobile wirelessly?

ConnectAir for android-Browse PC files from your android mobile.


1.ConnectAir application on your Android mobile and PC.
You can get it from here for

2.You should connect your PC and android mobile to same Wi-Fi network.

How to:

1.Start the ConnectAir application on both PC and mobile device.

2.You need to pair with your mobile device.

Pairing between two devices:

  1. Make sure you have enabled “Discoverable” on your devices. You can enable it on Settings menu.

PC: Settings -> Check the “Discoverable” box and click on save.
Mobile: Settings -> Check the “Discoverable” box.

  1. ClickTap on “Search” button from one of your device. Connected devices will be shown after search has been finished.
  2. Double clickTap on the device name to make pairing request.
  3. Accept the request on other device. Now your devices are paired successfully.

3.After you paired your device,open ConnectAir application on your mobile.

4.Go to Paired List and Tap on PC device name.ConnectAir for android-Browse PC files from your android mobile.

5.Now Tap on File Manager,Now you can browse your PC files form your android mobile.

Also you can able to download and upload files to your PC from your mobile.

Other Feature of ConnectAir:

Cross platform application for PC. (You can get it from here:
Sharing files between PCs and Android Mobiles
Easy Share ( WiFi Direct )
Access your mobile files completely from PC and vice versa.
SMS Notification on your PC.
View SMS from PC.
Reply to your new SMS Notification from PC.
View your mobile phonebook from PC.
And more.