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Anna University Syllabus Regulation 2013


Requirement: Android 2.0+

Version: 1.0

This is not an official android application of Anna University and data provided here was not provided by me. It was taken from the official website
it may have some errors, because I need to add it manually to my application. So use this application as your reference.

Anna University Syllabus Regulation 2013

HI, I’m 3rd year student of Anna University, I made this android application to help my juniors.
Hello juniors, this android application will help you to see your Syllabus on your mobile without internet. I have included 10 important departments. They are
*Information Technology
*Computer Science

By using this application you can save the Syllabus as HTML file to print it. This will helpful, if your professor asked you to do that. Currently 2 semesters of all departments was included. Soon I will add the remaining semesters.


*Easy to Navigate to your Syllabus.
*Able to save as file. Continue reading

3 Methods to solve Low Memory or insufficient storage issue on Android


You first know why this issue was happening? Android store all its Application caches on Internal Storage for example when you’re browsing, browser cache will store it on Internal Storage even if your application was installed on External Storage. Consider if you have 3 browsers, each store 5mb cache, then it will take totally 15MB on your internal storage. Like this many application store its cache on internal memory like Game Score, Thumbnail cache etc…
Low and mid-range mobile phones mostly have less than 500MB internal storage (Especially Non-Branded Mobiles). In that space, Default application would take around 200MB and cache would take around 100MB.Atlast you only get around 200MB free. But it is not fair enough for Normal Android user.
So before buying any android mobile check its internal storage. Check whether it has 750MB or not.
Here are the 3 Methods to solve Low Memory or insufficient storage issue on Android
1. Simple Method (No Root)
2. Links2Sd (Require Root and Separate Partition)
3. Mounting INT2EXT (Require Root and Separate Partition)

Simple Method:

It is not a good method, but if you don’t want to root your mobile for some reason then it is worth. Continue reading

How to protect/prevent your Pendrive or Memory card form autorun.inf virus?



Viruses like autorun.inf virus will hide your Folders and create shortcuts for that folder to make you to execute the virus yourself while you opening the shortcut folder. So don’t open the shortcut folder when your pen drive or external drive was affected by this virus. Be careful.
Delete all shortcut files and unhide all the folders or files which are hidden by this virus.To unhide use this method.How to unhide folders or files which are hidden by virus?
Now you can prevent or protect your Pen drive or External Hard drive or Memory Card from autorun.inf virus by using this method.


Windows XP/7/8


Step 1: Open the My Computer. Continue reading

Root for Intex Aqua i-5 (Updated)

Note:I’m not responsible for your device,if anything goes wrong.
You have to take responsibility for your actions.But i believe nothing goes wrong! 🙂


*Andriod Driver should be installed correctly.
*USB-Debugging mode enabled on mobile
(Settings->Developer Options->USB Debugging)
*Just connect your mobile,Don’t mount the sdcard.


1.Download the zip and extract to C: drive. Continue reading

Christmas Snow Live Wallpaper 1.0


Requirement:Android 2.1+


Want to make your home screen snowy?
Then you need this Christmas live wallpaper on your android mobile. This live wallpaper will make your home screen snowy beautifully. Don’t worry about your battery because it will save your battery.
Other than snowy feature also this Christmas live wallpaper has gifts features. When you touch on the screen it will produce a gift. Gifts are random so you don’t see the same gifts again. Custom background feature is also available. So you can choose your own background image your live screen. Also you can change the speed of snowy.


*Custom Background image.
*Custom Speed.
*Custom density of snow.
* Battery power optimizer.
*Random Gifts will be produced when you touch on the screen.

Playstore Link

Free Version:Download

Volume Preventer 1.5.1 for Android

Requirement:Android 2.1+


I’m a college student and I take my mobile to college daily. When i brought to college I put the mobile in silent mode with all volume at low level but when I’m using my mobile, the volume get increased without my knowledge and changes to normal mode. It often occurs and It makes me anger. Then I made this application to solve this problem.

This application will help to lock the volume from increasing or decreasing and changing from silent mode to normal mode without the knowledge of you. And also it has unique features like Profile with scheduling option so you don’t need to turn it on or off manually. It will notify you when mode changes either from silent mode to normal mode or normal mode to silent mode. So it will helpful for both silent mode and normal mode. It has three unique notification options like Toast, Dialog and No notification. So according to your wish you can choose your notification type.

This app also has widget feature so you can add it to your home screen, whenever necessary you can turn it on or off and able to change the profile. So you don’t need to go to volume preventer application to change the profile or turn it on or off it.

Some people don’t want to see icons on their notification bar. So now you can turn it on or off.


2.Different Notification Type Continue reading

Mind Reader – Symbol for Android

Requirement:Android 1.6+


Want to entertain your friends?
Try this Mind Reader app.

Now your Android mobile can read your mind and tell you’re symbol. First you have to think any two digit number like 10,23…, Then add the individual digits in your number and then subtract total from your number. Find the relevant symbol to your final number. Use this Application to entertain your friends.

This Application has interactive user interface and able to use it easily. It has good Graphical symbols and sound effects.

If you like it, Please rate this app. Support my work by buying the PRO version of this app.

Playstore Link Continue reading