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Rainmeter Notes Skin with Dropbox Sync

In this tutorial,i will teach you to how to make your Rainmeter Notes skins to sync with your Dropbox account.In this example i had used Easy-Art Notes.You can also use this tricks with other Rainmeter notes skin.


* Windows with Dropbox installed.
* Easy Art Notes ( )


1.Download and Install Easy Art Notes from above links.

2.Add it to your Desktop.

3.Click on it,it will show a Sample Notes.

4.Right Click on it and Choose Edit Skin Option like below


5.Now change the location where you have your Dropbox  folder to save your notes and sync it.


As per above picture it will create a file on Satheesh folder

6.Save it and Right click on Notes skin and click on Refresh Skin.

Now click on edit button and click on Yes button to create a new file.

Now your notes will sync with your Dropbox account whenever you edit your notes on your desktop.


How to create a popup on WordPress to promote Social Media profiles


This guide will help you to promote your social media profiles like Facebook fan page,Twitter,Google+ etc… on your WordPress website with popup features.


1.Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

2.Install a plugin called ITRO Popup Plugin and activate it.

3.Go to Settings – > ITRO Popup and customize the settings according to your needs.

My Recommend Settings: (Enable Advance Options)
Tick -> Disable on mobile device
Popup width:30%

4.Get code form here for your social media profiles:


and insert in under Your Text ( or HTML code ) and customize it according to your needs.

You can preview it by clicking on Preview button

5.Save it by clicking on Save Changes button

Xolo devices were shipped with official Rooting app

Today i found a application called Xolo Root under system folder on my dad’s Xolo Q3000.

Xolo Root App:

By using this application you can root your Xolo Device officially but with some Terms and Condition.Also it required internet connection to root your device so it may save your Device IMEI,Serial no etc on their server.Xolo Root app was hidden in the application drawer.You can launch Xolo Root application by dialing  *7813294#. I found this number by De-compiling it.

I think Xolo Root application may be shipped with all newly launched devices .

Screen Shots:

Xolo Root App Xolo Root App